Friday, February 27, 2009

Wizards vs. Lovers

I had a good conversation last night with another mom at Milo's preschool. I regurgitated to her my fears that when my sister (not the one with cancer - the other one) comes to visit, she'll use her time alone with my kids to talk about God, golden plates, and "sister wives". (This isn't particularly paranoid of me - she ALWAYS finds time to corner me when I see her and ask about my current stance on religion. I have filed away an unsealed letter from her labeled "Open me when you are ready to talk to God". PLUS...Mormons=proselytizers. Those boys on bicycles aren't anomalies, you know, they're part of the general Mormon worldview on "getting the Jesus word out". Except they call it missionary work.) Anyway. Like me, this other mom is not very religious. She said when they talk about the word "God" to their kids, they tell them that it's how some people refer to "Love". Which made my cynical little heart feel kind-of small. Because "a wizard" isn't a very loving or respectful picture to have given Milo of religious beliefs. Cough. So...we're ramping up toward April. I'm anxious that the surgery be over. I'm thrilled that my sister can come help us. And this is as good a place as any to say that my sister is, by the way, totally dropping a crazy-busy life, including teaching elementary school, full-time parenting 4 of her 7 kids and foster-child, and a time-intensive church job. My gratitude is immense, which makes my fears feel even more petty. Which, really, I guess they are. I doubt Milo or Zel are suddenly going to start singing "I'm a Mormon, Yes I am!" (Real song. Seriously.) after a week with my sister. And...we're reminding the kids who my sister is, since we only see her 1-2/year, so that her transition into our lives is smooth. Annnd...we're helping Milo prepare for potential Wizard talk. Respectfully. Maybe not changing the terminology, but at least injecting the conversation with some politeness. We hope.


PuertoVallartaGirl said...

you are so utterly adorable. The wizard? Were you smoking a doobie when you thought of that?

(deep sucking in of air)
Ok. héy, yeah. what are we gonna tell our kids about god..

(passing the doobie.. um..)


´dude.. man like. jesus, and like god.. man they look like wizards dude.

yeah. we'll say god is a wizard.


(Laughing with their evil genious plan)

sorry, its just sounds like one of those moments. heck. I have trouble with all sorts of questions.

june asked me the other day. which part of the body babies come out from. I told her you know.. the truth. then a week later she swallowed some gum and I was like.. hmm. that´s not good honey, it could jam stuff up in there.

She immediately said that when she had a baby it would get stuck in there because of the gum.

ha ha
no.. thats your poo poo honey, that´s not where babies come out either.

cheers. heres to good answers.

you just can´t win either way can you.

Jason, as himself said...

Wizard talk? I've never heard it referred to like that but it sounds like a good one.

You should do a blog listing all the names of all of the primary songs. Please include "Little Purple Pansies".

And they wonder why so many Mormon boys turn out gay....

Rebekah said...

That's my original wizard conversation with Milo...

Captain Dumbass said...

If you worked Jedi's and the Force in would it help him understand?

radishly said...

Sounds like a plan! I'm sure that it'll go fine, and whatever doesn't will be very temporary, or else rich with education opportunity.