Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The new normal

Yesterday, Jamie & I met with his surgeon. Or, anyway, probably his surgeon unless the 2nd opinion guy is for some reason more compelling. Based on that meeting and a conversation with his cardiologist, we are going to wait the 6 weeks until his disability kicks in. Which is, well, ok. A little egshelly. A little full of Please Please Please Don't Die! And every day, I'm in what appears to be the old normal life. Jamie doesn't have obvious symptoms - he looks the same. He acts mostly the same. There's no heart-clutching drama, anyway. I think we're sort-of happy and, well, the same. Most of the time. Gah knows we are eating better. And if we hadn't seen the angiogram, we might still be living the fantasy that his chest pain is asthma. It's good. I get to focus on this whole kindergarten thing. And maybe it gives me time to put to bed all my crazy fears. Because every day I have a few minutes all to myself, usually in the car on the way to/from work, where I just freak out and do all the things I can't do the rest of the time: cry, yell...mainly cry. Someday this will be "last month"...and someday "that time, a few years back, before we became SUPER fit". Right?


Anonymous said...

Someday you'll look back on this and laugh?

eh. probably not.

xo xo xo. I think about you guys every day.

Amy said...

This will be a long six weeks. Fortunately, it sounds like you'll have some good distractions! I'll do my best to clap my hands and avert your attention every once in a while. ;)

Love you guys. Stay tuff!

M said...

Argh - I'm having trouble posting this comment with a wiggly baby in my lap!

Thanks for posting this. We have been thinking about you guys a lot. Hopefully these six weeks will go by quickly and as normal life-y as possible.

And you're right, someday all this will be behind you guys.

(I love the visual image that was conjured up by the SUPER FIT comment - I can imagine the whole Waffle family (Zel included) with rippling muscles, Yoga mats, lots of water bottles in hand, and donned in clothes covered with the NIKE symbol. Ha!)

Simplicity said...

Well, that's fantastic! It reduces some of the stress for now.

5 years from now you'll both be running marathons! :)