Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Magical update

Remember this post?

Milo is busy keeping the secrets of Finnegan's toystore. Forever.

When we chat about it, he says (in the tone of DUH, which at 4.5 is less annoying than I bet it will be when he's 15), "mo-ooom, it was a SECRET! I can't tell the SECRET!!!"

Love love love love love that boy!!!!

Thursday, June 12, 2008


So...here's a little magical thing that happened to us yesterday: Milo has this friend who is ALWAYS telling him some amazing whoppers. One of these is that there is a secret room at Finnegan's Toy Store where "the REALLY good toys" are kept. After months of feeding this story together, the two boys have a complicated mythology about that room: it's guarded by two armed monster-guys, it's up some hidden staircase, every year they pick a child who gets a key to this room, etc. etc. Yesterday I picked Milo up early and he BEGGED me to go hunting for the mythical room at Finnegan's. So we did. Of course, we didn't find it. So I suggested we ask this lone clerk about the secret. Milo was shy to ask, so I told the clerk that SOMEBODY at my son's preschool had heard about this secret room at Finnegan's. Was it true? And the guy was SOOO awesome. He pulled Milo down in a huddle and told him all this great stuff. That it wasn't 1 room, but 6 rooms connected by a maze. That only employees can ever know about the secret rules that governs the rooms. That Milo is entrusted with a GREAT secret knowing all that stuff about the rooms. It was SO AWESOME! Some people can just be magical. Milo's eyes shone the whole way home. And in bed. And this morning. And now he wants to work at Finnegan's when he's a grown up so he can know the secrets. And be a Kung Fu Master. And design robots. :)