Thursday, April 2, 2009

The day after

Jamie made it through his surgery FABULOUSLY!! He's a champ and a warrior and a hero and all things strong and mighty. Also? Very very high on hospital drugs. Also...PHEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWW! Jebus-gawd the relief!!!!!! Here's what happened yesterday:



Discovering he'll need respiratory help the rest of his evil life...

It was easy to convince him to put on the helmet...because? High on drugs.

Also, he won't remember this until I post it as his Facebook profile. Did I mention? High. On. Drugs. Thank gah for those, however, because they wear off too quickly and he's in a tremendous ammout of pain until they get him his next dose.

It's been a rough (and long waiting/stress-monkey) road to get here. Today. To the other side of all things heart-full.

He'll be out of critical care soon. And home maybe early next week.

You know, I discovered today that I have no filters left as I was vaguely describing his incisions and "artery harvest" to a co-worker and she turned green and backed slowly away from me.

I think I might need some recuperation time when all is said and done to regain some lost people skills.

Thanks again to you, blog friends, for all the love and support!


MrsD said...

Oh Dear I LOVE the mask. I can feel you breathing again. Hooray for Jamie and for doctors and for artery harvesting!

Aunt Becky said...

Glad that he's done with the surgery. Been thinking of you all.

Captain Dumbass said...

Glad to hear he came out ok. And very proud of you that you've accepted the fact that he's a dark lord of the Sith and still love him. You are a strong person.

steenky bee said...

Does this mean you're the apprentice or the master? I need to know this. Glad to see he's doing okay. Can't wait to see this picture on Facebook.

Joi said...

Ok...#1 thank the sweet 8lb 7 oz christmas baby jeebus all is well.

B- that was beautiful
#3- you are like my soul sister or something equally woo-y about how wrong we are.

Comptons said...

Filters, shmilters. I would LOVE to hear about incisions and artery harvesting. Fascinating.

And I am so so happy he is OK and hopped up enough on drugs to let you put him in a Darth mask!

Vic said...

I'm so glad he's doing well! It's so hard to be the patient, but equally hard to be there and not be able to fix things somehow.

Plus he's cute in a hospital gown. :)

Mama Nomad said...

oh geebus, i was thinking about you guys all day yesterday (and my computer was offline so i was wonderin'...)--i am so relieved to hear it went well and i am sure you are feeling that 10 gazillions time over. you are so smart to take that silly picture. humor is the best medicine. well, the second best next to DRUGS. :P

hollar if you need help, please!

Simplicity said...

Love that picture of him with the mask!

I'm SO happy that things went well. Didn't have a doubt in my mind! :)

Big hugs being sent your way!

Steve said...

I am so happy for you that he made it through OK