Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy Waffle Day!

Today is a magical day.

Four years ago today, someone named Folsom and someone named Walsh, inspired by the sweet news that GW Bush had changed domestic partnership taxation on public employees, hastily joined themselves together in sweet monkey matrimony to become the WaFols tribe forever more. (Wafols. Geddit?)

Here is a recreation of the beautiful moment when we decided to entwine our lives and taxable incomes together forever more:

Him: CRAP!

Me: What?

Him: I just got this notice that I have to pay taxes on all the domestic partnership benefits my work gave you that were untaxed all year! CRAP!

Me: Suck!

Him: OR...we could get married and the benefits would become nontaxable spousal benefits.

Me: So it's December. Couldn't they have told you earlier in the tax year? Effers. Whatever. I guess let's do it. (to Milo) Sorry little buddy. I guess we can't legitimately call you our little bastard any more...

See? We've always had that secret, romantic je ne sais quoi.

Last night, Jamie and I went out a day early (because when you get married on New Years Eve, every day is a holiday. Also, babysitters on NYE? Ha!) and celebrated with the alcohol and the raw fish and the reminiscence, reflecting upon all the words we now use only ironically. Like "romantic" and "privacy".

And we also did some good couple bonding and threatening. can never die/divorce me/something-else-unforeseeable because we are In. This. Together. Like it or not, damnit, baby!

Because that? Is hot sweet magical monkey love. Baby.

Happy New Year/Waffle Monkey Love Day to you all!

DISLCAIMER: Our sitters are awesome and would probably totally have sat for us tonight. Just so's you knows. 

PS: Thank you tremendously for all the love about my sister. Here's hoping for a healing 2009! 

PPS: So....sometimes I'm a bit harsher than is strictly necessary. And even though the above is all more-or-less true, it doesn't capture the fact that we are a pretty nauseatingly happy-together couple who are delighted to find ourselves where we are. And even if GW hadn't been evil, babies not in our picture, and privacy something we could say without snorting, we might be in precisely exactly the same place. There, Jamie. I lub you and I may not be particularly publically mushy, but it's ALL MUSH ALL THE TIME in our reality. (OK, not always, but sometimes).


Irish Gumbo said...

Aww. *sniff, snort, whonnnkkk!* Vows at the end of a shotgun just seem so dang ROMANTIC after that! ;)

Good post! And here's to a year full of monkey love!

goatess said...

Yay for anniversaries on NYE! You're right, when you get married on NYE, every day of married life is a holiday.

Amy said...

It is my understanding that once a bastard, always a bastard, because the child was born in illegitimacy. But perhaps since you married so quickly after his birth, he might not be a bastard...

If that's the case, I'm sure my bastard will remain such because we don't have any plans to get hitched. Though we did tease today during lunch that it would be cool to have Max marry us someday.


Happy Anniversary!! Whatever the reason/MO, you two have a beautiful wonderful marriage and two beautiful wonderful chillins, whom I adore.

Have a most excellent day!

Lee said...

Happy Anniversary! Can we join your club? We did the baby-on-the-way-get-married-in-three-months-thing. :)

IB said...

Good times! Great post.

I am feeling all good and happy inside. Thanks for the jolt of romancy. I'm gonna go home and see what the wife is up to.....


angstmonkey said...

We would have watched them on Saturday... or tonight for that matter. Happy Anniversary. We love the Wafols.

Aunt Becky said...

You make me giggle. And I like to giggle. And you have the same name as me. So the way *I* see it is that we're BFF.


radishly said...


Jason, as himself said...

Love it! May you have a very long and happy life together.

PuertoVallartaGirl said...

que romantico... I like the bonding/threatening.. that is sweet.

e and I met on 12/31/98 so that is sort of our anniversary too.


Charmaine said...

Hold up. I just met you.

And...for the record I'm a dullard.

Did you just get married? ahhhhh.

Someone get me a little bag of confetti cus I wanna throw it at you. Suddenly I'm pissed that I was denied the opportunity. Grr.

Congratulations. Marriage is good. I think,I wouldn't know. hee