Thursday, November 27, 2008

Rhymes with schmomygodMiloisfiiiieeeve

Once upon a time,THIS:

Became THIS: And then THIS: And about 5 minutes later, THIS:

Today is Milo's fifth birthday, and, like the day he was born, it's Thanksgiving. A sappy but perfect coincidence, because I can't think of anything I'm more grateful for.

Oh, Milo...since the first time you kicked me (from the inside!) so hard I could see your foot through my abdomen, since we tossed our planned home birth to the curb, since before your first word was "nuh uh" and your second words were "make me", we knew that all of our rosy, born-of-inexperience-and-fantasy-plans for parenting were in for some major renovation.

You are a strong-willed, smart, funny, sweeet, clowny little boy and an amazing big brother; a constant source of entertainment and, oh, such a love. A force of nature and love.

Happy birthday, sweet firstborn!


Lee said...

Happy Birthday Milo! And happy birthingday to you, Rebekah!

radishly said...

Happy Birthday Milo!! I hope the all might wizard rains down upon you all the legos you can assemble.

angstmonkey said...


We love you!

Jason, as himself said...

I love the name Milo. Cute name for a cute kid!

korin said...

Oh happy birthday milo, and happy birthingday Rebekah! :D love love love all around!