Thursday, October 16, 2008

Wardrobe-ish (and guessing game)

A few weeks ago, two of my friends, Amy and Danielle posted about all the lovely things they would like to incorporate into their wardrobe. And it made me think how I'd love to look all SAXXY and HOT for Jamie on Date Night in awesome new duds. Except my budget calls for me to buy this: (Actually not, as barrels are REALLY pricey...which I know from recent Rain Barrel purchasing pains) But their posts about shopping and looks and stuff made me think about wardrobing... I think one of the better things about being older is that I've got an ok base wardrobe. Not awesome, but I own ample clothes which fit and which I can stand being seen in. Mostly covered in that nice mom-combination of mystery stains and boogeys, but still...I don't shop like I did when I was worried about how I had like, one pair of pants that fit my can (which, come to think of it, is rather barrel-shaped)... This past year my shopping habits have been about longing for, and occasionally squandering my money on indulging in a few, quality items. And by few, I mean not enough "one" and by quality, I mean "shitass-expensive-and-causing-minor-self-loathing". Examples? This: This:

These: This sweater (for when I want to go kick around some oversized balls of yarn): And these socks, because pirate moms in cool stockings are know, righteous!

Technically, I'm participating in Bossy's poverty party. I think that means posting about spending $$ on RIDICULOUSLY overpriced veritable couture is somewhat out-of-bounds. But I do own one of the fabulous items displayed above, and I spent my ENTIRE lunch budget for the month on it a few months ago. Guess which one?