Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Kandinsky meets cotton

Lessons from date night: Things to NOT forget: Things to LEAVE HOME ON PURPOSE (because, you know, standing up to see a band all night - after downing 2 drinks, after driving all the way home to retrieve your license): Ow.

Things to remember: WHY you are with the one you're with. Jamie: The 80's were like...Kandinsky meets cotton

Me: Ha! But the hair was all...

J: Awesome. Like we all just stepped out of a biplane.

Me: More like an explosion.

J: Precisely! Kandinsky!

The evening was good. The Mountain Goats amazing, and their opening act...loud. And reverb-y. But John Darnielle is...damn. Weird. Great. Heartbreaking. He played Song for my Stepfather about himself as a battered 5-year-old boy that made me break a little. And he closed with Love love love and This Year, which are probably my 2 favorite songs of theirs. An experience worth having, which made me reflect on all the ways last night was a precious rarity.

Annnd...the kids were asleep when we checked in at 9:30, and seemed to have a good time too. Our sitter always tells us they are the best behaved, sweetest kids she knows. certainly makes leaving them with her pleasant. In 5 years, we might try this again.


Mama Nomad said...

I am so happy to hear this!!! Really, I might do some backflips. You guys need to make it regular.
I need to go see a show, too....

MrNakedMonkey said...

I am so glad that you had a great night.