Friday, January 7, 2011


The end of the year seems to always bring around a slog of Deep Thoughts about the Big Picture for me - and maybe for you as well? And really, I think I've been big picturing it for two crappy years. Very very heavy. And dull.

Last year I made some resolutions I probably didn't keep. Something about doing everything "better". Since that, in retrospect, was something of a fail, I'm going to try for this instead, except I need a word for it. Something about cherishing and relishing the abundance that already exists in my life.

Situationally, I hope 2009 and 2010 don't recur EVER. But even if they do, I am RICH with friendships, love, family, comforts of all kinds, and tremendous luck in my circumstances in ways over which I have no control but should acknowledge with more embrace-iness, to be sure.

So this year? This year is ABUNDANCHERELISH year! And theoretically, I'm going to try to have at least one "Things That Rock/ed" post per month. Which would be both 12 more positive posts per year than I achieved last year, and also might motivate me to blog with happier thoughts and fingers.

Wish me luck!


M said...

I love it! I think "abundancherish" works well as a noun, verb, and even an possibly an adjective! What a great resolution. I'll look forward to your "Things that Rock/ed" posts.

Lee said...

Where's that 'like' button? :)

Mrs. G. said...

I like the idea of focusing and feeling grateful for what you have. Happy New Year!