Monday, September 21, 2009

A big tornado of awesome

I have some lovely, exceptional friends.

For various reasons, this blog is not where I typically honor - or even mention - my friends except possibly anecdotally and briefly. But I really am perpetually amazed by the sustaining and enduring friendships I've been able to make in this incarnation of my life, post-college, post-bad-marriage(s), post-Utah.

And this is as good a place as any to note something a bit convoluted: My friends have - most likely unbeknownst to them - helped me process my ability to be a friend, and helped heal my perspective on past experiences. There is absolutely a time - more recent than I wish - when I would never have been able to, without judgment, speculation or fear, embrace forgiving, loving relationships with past friends, if I didn't have current friends who feed my sense of self-worth.

I'm not even sure that makes sense to anybody but me.

I guess my point is: I have a loving community around me full of women who have REALLY showered me with not just kindness and acceptance, but praise, sustenance, love and genuine affection. And the insecure or wounded parts of me which didn't think I deserved any of those gifts have finally, I think, been mollified into quiescence.

Last night, in a WHOLLY unexpected move, several of my friends (and with Jamie's help and blessing) surprised me with a half-birthday-and-congratulations-for-surviving-3/4-of-the-suckiest-year-ever party!

I can't even express how amazed and moved I was. Am.

So thank you, Angie, Jen, Joi, Karen, Ruth and Sarah. And Jamie. And the many other friends and family - online, long-distance, or otherwise - who have been supportive, kind, and just generally THERE recently.

Because you have really made me happy.

And loving.

(And even a bit tearful.)

 From a very grateful place today,

 -R Waffle


Sprite's Keeper said...

Now THIS is the nicest post I've read today!

Irish Gumbo said...

That there was a big o'l pot of nicey-cool. (sniff) Peace to you, my dear.

Joi said...

You deserve(d) it.

Lee said...

I am so glad! I, also, have felt humbled by our community of friends. Mwah :)

Ellie said...

You are much loved, mama! I, too, feel blessed with this unexpected community of friends.

korin said...

YOu are the most awesome. I am awed by you. :) I'm glad you feel so loved!!!

Nicole said...

I'm glad too! Awed, yes! You amaze me too. I have been so humbled by our community of mamas too.
It was lovely seeing you and visiting with you today. <3