Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Interview, Part II

Remember this post? From 2 days ago? Babawawa time! A few people agreed to be my interviewee-guinea-pig types - Hooray...suckahs!
  • Arwen, of The Difference Between Shooting Stars & Satellites, All Your Yarn Are Belong to Us, and Basically, we effing Rock! (because she's prolific like that). Arwen is hilarious, and touching and spunky and all of her blogs are delicious. Check her out!
  • Captain Dumbass. Does anybody not read his blog? He's like...the blogger demigah. Half the blogs I read are part dumbass. In the good way...
  • The River Grey. I'm too close to this knitter/chef/snarkass to quantify her. She's the snide in the snide patch who would give you her last...barbaloot. Cooler than crafty-punk, sweeter than mojitos. Smarter than most.
  • Mamazen. Another blog lovah. Plus back-cracker, fighter, artist mama and source of cheer.
  • Jenn at Wordy Mama. Boy, so I just started reading this blog, and it's SMART. And funny in a stealthy, ear-worm, creep-up-on-you-and-then-stay-with-you-way. Woof!
So I think the deal was that I would send each of you guys 5 unique questions, but instead I'm just going to put a bunch of questions here, from which you can choose 5. Or 15. Or 2. Please answer on your blog, link back, and comment on this post when you've done so? And please join in if you want. Because? Why not! Questions
  1. Are you now or have you ever been psychic? How do you know?
  2. Would you rather die heroically or cowardly?
  3. How hard would it be for you to live somewhere without fresh indoor water? Electricity? Plumbing?
  4. What is your primary cellphone ringtone?
  5. Are you more witty or snarky?
  6. Most extreme personal change or changes you've ever made?
  7. Favorite city you've lived in or want to live in?
  8. Has your life up til now been more blameless or messy? Moving forward from here, which one would you choose?
  9. Worst kiss (or kiss-like experience)?
  10. You HAVE to pick a religion to practice. Evangelical Christian, Zoroastrian, Jainist or Scientologist? (and why?)
  11. The person you are romantically involved with announces they are getting a sex change. Would it change your feelings for them?
  12. Meat helmet or thigh-high golden boots with large wings attached to them?
  13. How many times have you been what you consider REALLY in love? Do you still love those people/that person?
  14. When you die, what do you think happens? Do you hope to be disappointed or somehow wrong about that?
  15. Do you know your ethnic ancestry? Is that interesting or otherwise important to you?


Irish Gumbo said...


Do you know how cool you are? And me a builder of ziggurats, what amazing symmetry!

Very interesting question set. I like the format.

Charmaine said...


You have to help me. I mean, I know I could google it but...what does "snarky" really mean?

I think I love it. I think I am it and you too. But..what IS it?

angstmonkey said...


arwen said...


I haven't even looked at the questions yet. I've decided to go the blind route... copy and paste 5. or 15.

Jenn said...

Done answered, right chere:

Arwen, I am peeing my pants at your yarn blog's title. Love it! (And I don't even knit ... heresy, I know ...)

Lee said...

See, you're so cool that I gave you a blogging award. Check out my blog.

blognut said...

I have an award for you over at my blog too - pick it up when you have time.

Love your blog.

Nora said...

Those are some seriously cool questions. You can interview me any day.