Tuesday, April 22, 2008

My Brain Made Me Do It

My friend Laurel sent me a link to THIS website. Which is essentially a study about how unified brain-power and collective intentions can Change The World: aid plant growth; lower global warming, crime rates and pollution levels; cure halitosis; stuff like that.

And, for the sake of polite dialogue, I had been trying to allow myself to agree with her that such a thing could possssibly happen. But I can't do it. AND my inner skeptic is just...freaking OUT!

Are you kidding? (say I to myself) A bunch of well-intentioned hippies are NOT going to curtail smog and bring back large rain forests with their BRAINS!!!!! With laws, sure. With collective commitment to actual, physical changes. Maybe. With a long-term plan which includes measurable pollution reduction and replanting of lost timber and global reduction in stuff accrual and production and consumption. But by sitting in a room thinking pretty thoughts about good things?????? No freaking fucking insane-shreepy-dippy dumb-ass WAAAAY!!

Ahem. Whew. Clearly, this hits a button for me. Possibly related to my upbringing in which prayer played a big part in my little community's idea of "civic action".

It's not like I'm anti-lazy, or anything. Anybody who has known me for any length of time would scoff at the irony. But the concept of intentions, or prayer, or group meditation or encouraging the giant bowl of pudding in the sky to correct the laws of physics just galls me. It's so colossally lazy that it embarrasses even me, an essentially supremely lazy person.

And it's NOT that I understand a large number of complicated laws of science. Nor do I think that we're at any kind of pinnacle of scientific understanding, including understanding of human consciousness. Quantum Physics? String Theory? Fascinating. But collective brain power over actual exertion? Good grief, hippies! Get off of the meditation pillow and DO SOMETHING!

It's Earth Day today. And, in the spirit of embracing positive change for this planet, I should add that I DO think positive thoughts help you focus your mind on what you want to change. I just don't think they alone, even if you and everyone around you think those positive thoughts at the same time, MAKE those things happen without actual labor. And personal change.

Happy Earth Day!


angstmonkey said...

Ok........ I love you.

There I said it fast and no one was the wiser ;)


elliesmadre said...

I knew that the one comment would be Joi saying she loved you.

Yes, people...do something. You can't change the world by thinking. Although I guess you could convince yourself that everything was pretty and perfect. Rose colored glasses are awesome.

radishly said...

Best.Post title.Ever. Easy.