Sunday, September 2, 2007


I've had a really high (104) fever for a couple of days. Mainly I've slept and felt really out of it. Finally, thanks to Advil, I'm feeling a bit more aware.

Zel said "Mama" today. A lot. Mama mama mama. Since she never really said it to ME, I'm not sure I can count it as her first word. But BOY, I really liked hearing it.

Milo is obsessed with this weird, loud, shooting new robot we got him. He wanted to call my birth dad, Mike, and tell him all about the robot. I don't think Milo remembers Mike face-to-face (we haven't been to CA since, um, July 2005), but they have a fun phone relationship.

Some days I'm really charmed/weirded out by Milo's personality. As a youngest child in a somewhat detached family, I spent an inordinate amount of time playing on my own. Milo HATES to be alone and spends his entire days with us talking nonstop and insisting we all play together following these elaborate scripts he's dreamed up. Usually involving robots and some kind of war. Since he's not even 4...I wonder. I think my dream-job for Milo is ballet director or film director. Something where he can spend his entire day surrounded by people who will do his bidding. Hmmmm.

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Korin said...

hope you're feeling bettersoon. I also hope mike doesn't shoot up the place. lol